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Being an artist with a unique perspective means that I am able to facilitate all of my assets throughout my work. My assets have enabled me to connect and create across the many different states and countries I have lived in. I have been in love with sculpture, print, paint, mixed media, performance, and photography since I was in pre-school. I have always been driven by my physicality as an artist athlete, which has enabled me to grasp for courses that taught me how to work with all different mediums through my schooling and outside of school when specific advanced techniques were not offered. I believe education is integral to shape change that is a necessity to stay relevant within whatever medium I choose to work with and this love of education continues to be a driving force in my world.

From my childhood art studies, through to my Undergraduate Career at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor as an artist athlete, Platt College, San Diego, now during my Master Degree Studies in photography at Academy of Art University, San Fransisco (online), as well as Master of Fine Arts focused on sculpture, photography, mixed media, and paint at Texas Woman's University, Denton. I am further harnessing my creative drive and want to help others through education. This drive is being put into creating work that brings awareness (Art for Activism) to fellow child abuse, domestic abuse, severe trauma, and rape survivors trying to recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Severe Anxiety and Panic Attack Disorder; as I myself am currently doing. Art has an amazing ability to heal, empower, break down archaic  negative societal stigmas, and give courage to all participants. Art can be used as a tool to take ones body and mind back. The necessity of art has been something I have drawn on my whole life, I was born with this drive to express myself via multiple mediums, now that I have finally recovered this connection after years of being broken I am finally achieving, and surpassing my goals. I am helping other survivors like myself, studying, educating, and spreading the importance of art as an imperative tool to express ones self.  

I am a proud member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, The National Society of Leadership and Success, Texas Woman’s University Delta Phi Delta, I work as a 3D Design Instructor for the Sculpture Department at Texas Woman's University, I manage my own business, and I am a proud wife to an amazing partner whom finished their PhD and works with children/persons with disabilities (Dr. Andrew M. Colombo-Dougovito). I am also an avid outdoor enthusiast, ultra (70k/50+MI) runner, mountain biker, rock climber, surfer, dancer, and yogi.

Colombo-Dougovito, Daniella A.,  Untitled Self-Portrait .

Colombo-Dougovito, Daniella A., Untitled Self-Portrait.

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